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I am open to any ideas that you may want to make into steel or wrought iron. I like to discuss custom work with clients at the location where the piece will be installed or placed. I get ideas about the design of the piece based on the surrounding styles and "feel" of the project. There may be a design in a carpet to play of off, so I like to make initial drawings on location. Within a week of initial contact I return a drawing and cost estimate to decide upon.

I work with one of two payment methods:

  • "Time and materials" An hourly rate of $50 is charged plus the cost of all materials used.
  • "Bid" I give the buyer a set price on a piece which is an estimate on the time I will spend and the cost of materials used.

Richard Gillis
Mystic Metallurgy
P.O. Box 26
Williamsville, VT 05362
(802) 348-7306